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Revolutionary Phototherapy System for Newborns Now Available from CMS


Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS) has been chosen by NeoMedLight to be the sole UK distributor for its new, innovative BiliCocoon® phototherapy system for newborn babies with jaundice.

The BiliCocoon® system has been designed to deliver safe, controlled phototherapy to reduce the concentration of bilirubin in the blood. Its aim is to treat neonatal jaundice without compromising the relationship between mother and baby.

Unlike traditional phototherapy treatment, where the infant is separated from mum for long periods, the BiliCocoon® system means there can be physical contact while a baby is undergoing essential light treatment. This benefits both a baby and its parents enormously. The BiliCocoon® system features a lightweight, portable light box connected to LED light pads that wrap around the infant.

There are two different versions of the system – the BiliCocoon® Bag System and the BiliCocoon® Nest System. The BiliCocoon® Bag System provides an effective, evenly spread LED light source from two light pads, enabling 360° body surface coverage. The two pads fit inside a soft, disposable ‘bag’ which then wraps around the newborn. This increases the amount of light absorbed by the newborn and reduces the need for several phototherapy lamps. The BiliCocoon® Nest System, ideal for preterm babies, has just one LED light pad that folds around the infant, making it compatible with incubators.

The cocoon element – of both the BiliCocoon® Bag System and BiliCocoon® Nest System – gives easy access to the infant, enabling the newborn to be held for feeding and swaddling during treatment. This also supports the Kangaroo Care technique; the well-documented, proven therapy of skin-to-skin contact between a newborn and an adult.

The new BiliCocoon® system conforms to recommendations from the subcommittee on hyperbilirubinemia. A key safety feature of the system is the fact the heat generating light source is remote from the infant. Easy to set up and control therapy sessions are another benefit of the system. The BiliCocoon® system can also help improve workflow and time optimisation for nursing staff.

Tracey Pavier-Grant, Medical Sales Director at CMS, says: “The new BiliCocoon® system is a fantastic addition to our product range. Phototherapy can be very traumatic for everyone involved. The newborn baby suddenly finds itself under a treatment lamp, with its eyes covered with a protective eye mask and no physical contact, which is very distressing. Mum is then anxious and upset because she is unable to hold, touch or comfort the baby, which in turn is upsetting for the nursing staff dealing with both mum and baby. The BiliCocoon® system is amazing, as it provides all the benefits of phototherapy treatment while giving mum, dad and nursing staff easy access to the baby. We’re proud to have been chosen by NeoMedLight to offer the BiliCocoon® system to UK healthcare providers.”

For more information on the BiliCocoon® Bag System or BiliCocoon® Nest System, along with ordering details, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Medical Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596, email or visit