BiliCocoon® is a medical device by NeoMedLight (certified ISO13485). It is targeted at treating
neonatal jaundice without compromising the relationship between the mother and the newborn.

Phototherapy in a cocoon

For maximum effectiveness, Bilicocoon offers an intensive and homogeneous irradiance (35 microW/cm²/nm), and a large coverage of body surface area (1200 cm²), It is emitting light in the absorption spectrum of bilirubin: from 430 to 490 nm , facilitating the reduction of bilirubin concentration in the blood.

Besides, it allows:

  • A safe and controlled therapy,
  • Cocooning including breastfeeding,
  • Flexibility in usage in different settings both at hospital and at home,
  • A potential savings through optimized workflow and lighter burden on staff.


Bilicocoon accurately delivers the light needed to treat the diseases or symptoms.


A well-defined light based on therapeutic needs. Electricity remains remote from the patient skin as the light is carried through optic fiber away from the light generating LED.


Easily controllable as the source of light is monitored by an electronic platform. That is equipped with features for monitoring irradiance, time of exposure, total dose emitted,…

Easy of use

The devices are light and flexible, can adapt to anatomical requirements, are transportable within the hospital setting or back at home to allow for complete treatment.


Nest System

The BiliCocoon® Nest system is more adapted for preterm babies. It consists of a large pad allowing wrapping and is adapted for kangaroo care and incubator. The Nest system allows easy access to the newborn.

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Bag System

The BiliCocoon® Bag System is more adapted for term babies. It emits light to front and back, providing 360° exposure. The Bag system allows little light from escaping the bag and is adapted for handling, cuddling and breastfeeding the baby. The system is also available in a small size, called Small Bag, to offer a comfortable and effective solution for all sizes.

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35 µW / cm2 / nm* **

Homogeneous and intensive irradiance

460 nm* ***

Effective degradation of bilirubin by narrowband leds

1200 cm2*

Effective degradation of bilirubin by narrowband leds

* Guidelines established by the subcommittee on Hyperbilirubinemia published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, in Pediatrics® 2004 **Measured with the Ohmeda (GE) BIliBlanket Lightmeter II *** Peak wavelength between 455 nm and 465 nm


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