NeoMedLight, the Fabric of Light for Phototherapy
NeoMedLight develops innovative medical devices designed for phototherapy. The company is the owner of a unique and proprietary technology: the emission of light through woven optic fibers, the Fabric of Light (Lightex®). This technology was originally developed by Brochier Technologies ( with which NeoMedLight shares the overall ownership. NeoMedLight has the exclusivity in healthcare. The company has initially conceived and developed a fiber-optic phototherapy device to treat neonatal jaundice; Further therapeutic indications that would benefit from the Fabric of Light may include mucositis, dermatitis, wound healing/tissue regeneration, as well as pain management.

The objective of NeoMedLight® is to bring the innovation to all therapeutic fields in which it will benefit patients and healthcare providers.

NeoMedLight is certified ISO 13485

Section : Nest System


Efficacy: increased Body Surface Area exposed to light
Safety: easy access to the newborn, compatible with incubator
Cocooning: adapted for Kangaroo care

Section : Bag System


Efficacy: 360° Body Surface Area exposed to light
Safety: residual light emission minimized
Cocooning: holding, cuddling, breastfeeding

Section : Efficacy

Neomedlight Devices Benefits

Efficacy, Safety, Control and Ease of Use
of BiliCocoon® medical device


The devices developed by NeoMedLight are efficacious as they accurately deliver the light needed to treat the diseases or their symptoms.

Both irradiance and light wavelength are parameters defined to best match the clinical requirements: a careful selection of the light source allows for a precise match to those requirements. As the fabric is positioned next to the skin, the parameters can be accurately set to have the best outcome for the patients. Efficacy is thereby maximized.

Section : Safety


The devices developed by NeoMedLight are safe as:

  • They are emitting a well-defined light as per the therapeutic needs 
  • Electricity remains remote from the patient skin as the light is carried through optic fiber away from the light generating LED 
  • The heat generated at the skin level remains minimal as the electricity powered light source is remote from the patient 
  • The patient does not need to be isolated in a cabin as the treatment can take place anywhere

Section : Control


The devices developed by NeoMedLight are easily controllable as the source of light is monitored by an electronic platform.

This electronic platform is equipped with the relevant controlling features for monitoring irradiance, time of exposure, total dose emitted, and all other appropriate measures. 

Section : Ease of use

Ease of use

The devices developed by NeoMedLight are easy to use as they associate with phototherapy all the positive features of light emitting fabric.

The devices are light and flexible, can adapt to anatomical requirements, are transportable within the hospital setting or back at home to allow for complete treatment. The controlling technology is developed to keep the usage simple so as to avoid mishandling of the system.