bilicocoon® jaundice Therapy

Neomedlight, The Fabric of Light for Phototherapy
Section : Products for Jaundice


Phototherapy in a Cocoon

BiliCocoon® is a medical device by NeoMedLight (certified ISO13485). It is targeted at treating neonatal jaundice without compromising the relationship between the mother and the newborn.

For maximum effectiveness, it offers an intensive and homogeneous irradiance (35 microW/cm²/nm), and a large coverage of body surface area (1200 cm²), It is emitting light in the absorption spectrum of bilirubin: from 430 to 490 nm , facilitating the reduction of bilirubin concentration in the blood.

Besides, it allows
  • a safe and controlled therapy, 
  • cocooning including breastfeeding, 
  • flexibility in usage in different settings both at hospital and at home, 
  • a potential savings through optimized workflow and lighter burden on staff.
Section : Nest System

BiliCocoon® Nest System

The BiliCocoon® Nest system is more adapted for preterm babies

Efficacy: Large pad allowing wrapping

Safety: Easy access to the newborn

Cocooning: Adapted for kangaroo care and incubator
Section : Bag System

Bag System

The BiliCocoon® Bag System is more adapted for term babies. 

Efficacy: Light emitted to front and back, 360° exposure.

Safety: Little light escaping the bag. 
Cocooning: Handling, cuddling, breastfeeding.
Section : Technical Data