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Neomedlight, The Fabric of Light for Phototherapy
Section : Who we are


NeoMedLight develops innovative medical devices designed for phototherapy. The company is the owner of a unique and proprietary technology: the emission of light through woven optic fibers, the Fabric of Light (Lightex®). This technology was originally developed by Brochier Technologies (www.brochiertechnologies.com) with which NeoMedLight shares the overall ownership. NeoMedLight has the exclusivity in healthcare.

The company has initially conceived and developed a fiber-optic phototherapy device to treat neonatal jaundice; Further therapeutic indications that would benefit from the Fabric of Light may include mucositis, dermatitis, wound healing/tissue regeneration, as well as pain management.

The objective of NeoMedLight® is to bring the innovation to all therapeutic fields in which it will benefit patients and healthcare providers.

NeoMedLight is certified ISO 13485

Section : Our Management


Cédric Brochier
Cédric Brochier, is Co-founder and President of NeoMedLight® with a special focus on R&D. Through his family history in silk and technical weaving, he comes with a strong expertise to develop fabrics made of optic fibers. He is the inventor of the patent around which NeoMedLight has been created. He is also the president and CEO of Brochier Technologies and Brochier Soieries.

" NeoMedLight has been created to leverage the innovation we made in optic fibers weaving in the world of healthcare.
It makes me proud to keep on family tradition of textile manufacturing and expand it in new worlds such as the one NeoMedLight is set to develop.
Cédric Brochier
Pierre Saint Girons
Pierre Saint Girons is Cofounder & CEO of NeoMedLight. He comes with over 20 years of international experience in the medical device industry. He served in various senior positions mostly for large size companies. He also sits on the board of startups and is an active member of an investment committee dedicated to investments in the healthcare sector.

" NeoMedLight is underway to explore a large set of opportunities. The technologies developed by our team are enabling patients to receive a quality treatment in a novel way. Babies are now getting cured from a potentially crippling jaundice whilst staying close to their mothers. Tomorrow, patients with mucositis will suffer less thanks to our work. I am grateful to lead a company where patients and clinicians are central to what we do. "
Pierre Saint Girons  
Section : Our Advisors


Dr. Anne Cortey
Dr. Anne Cortey is a Pediatrician with a long experience in neonatology (including intensive care and clinical follow-up). She is the clinical head at the CNRHP (Centre National de Référence en Hémobiologie Périnatale): a French reference center coordinating the prevention and management of Neonatal jaundice and of feoto-maternal red blood cell incompatibilities. Her interests include the management of jaundice, from diagnosis to follow-up after the discharge from maternity. She is very engaged in making sure the disease is taken seriously by the clinical community and the care facilities inside and outside the hospitals. As such she is spearheading the effort of education of parents and care givers in France about jaundice and phototherapy. She represents the country in the international committee dedicated to hyperbilirubinemia.

" All the phototherapy devices are effective but most of them are ill adapted to very sick or small babies and all of them interfere with neonatal care and parents-child bonding and breast-feeding. Devices tend to be bulky, heat emitting, with a poorly controlled light intensity. Thanks to NeoMedLight’s new technology, we can have both an effective therapy and a quality relationship between mother and child. For instance, breast-feeding does not need interruption which is key to increased therapy efficacy, and support the maternal-neonates interaction. " 
 Dr Anne Cortey
Pr René-Jean Bensadoun
Pr. Bensadoun is a leader and respected authority in Head and Neck Oncology and Radiotherapy. He was the head of the Radiation Oncology Department at the University Hospital of Poitiers, and is now Chairman at the CHE (High Energy Private Cancer Center) in Nice. Pr. Bensadoun has demonstrated through his clinical research that red and near infrared Low Level Light Therapy can limit the development of Oral Mucositis and Dermatitis induced by chemo-radiotherapy. He currently uses such light to help his patients.
Pr. Bensadoun is convinced that NeoMedLight technology presents a real added value for the management of mucositis and dermatitis induced by chemo-radiotherapy or targeted agents in Oncology. Patients' outcome and wellbeing should be improved during this very heavy therapy. NeoMedLight technology could offer both the patients and their caregivers a simple and efficacious way to control a complication with potentially very severe impact on patients’ outcome. It is not only about comfort, it is also about clinical outcome. "
Section : Partnership


NeoMedLight, the Fabric of Light for Phototherapy
NeoMedLight’s main partner is Brochier Technologies : www.brochiertechnologies.com
NeoMedLight shares its technology with Brochier Technologies with the exclusive ownership in the medical area. Both companies work closely together to research new technologies having potential benefits in healthcare or in other areas.

NeoMedLight is engaged in other partnerships under the seal of confidentiality and is always open to explore new avenues.

NeoMedLight and H2020
NeoMedLight receives a grant from the European Union to develop its therapy in PhotoBioModulation targeting initially mucositis and dermatitis.
Grant Agreement number: 824755, ONCORED, H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1.